Sneak Peak: Baby Lilu

I am so excited to introduce to you baby Lilu! She was born back at the beginning of June at home to really proud and amazing parents Star and Josh Galbraith!  I had the most privileged honor of being present for Lilu’s amazing birth!  (Photos not posted yet…) Star and Josh had her at home and did a water birth that was so spectacular! I had never seen a at home birth before. Now that I have experienced seeing how it was done, someday I am totally having a baby at home where it is so peaceful rather in some noisy obnoxious hospital! Lilu is going to be the healthiest and most loved baby EVER! She is full of so much life and understands so much as to what is going on around her being only a few months old! I cannot wait to watch her grow up within this next year to see how she is going to be and see more of her personality that she will be coming out with even more!.. It will truly be an amazing experience! Here are some beautiful images below!






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  1. These baby photos are just precious. Beautiful! You really captured the time that passes so quickly and I am sure the parents will always be thankful to have these photo memories.

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