The Living Room on Main Street in Dunedin

One month ago, The  Johnson Family opened up their new restaurant: The Living Room on Main Street in Dunedin, Florida! If you have not had opportunity yet to go check it out you so have to! Its such a cozy, intimate atmosphere for eating great food, having a drink with your friends, family or your significant other  and enjoying some very talented live entertainment! I am so excited to now have a relationship with the Johnson Family they are the most kind hearted and loving family ever! We are currently working together on “The Living Room” web-design project so stay tuned for their website.. I will let everyone know when it is up and running..

For those that are somewhat familiar with Dunedin, Dunedin is a very tight knit community. Not only do the Johnson’s own “The Living Room on Main, they also own a really cute shop in downtown Dunedin called “My Favorite Things.” If you are a candle LOVER and want the BESTEST smelling candles in the world (better than yankee candle) check this shop out! I just bought the French Vanilla Bean candle and before I even lit the candle, my whole entire house smelled like French Vanilla Bean! The next candle Im going to get is the Cinnamon Roll one hahaha!

Check out the photos below!












John, Sarah and Renee Johnson-Owners of The Living Room..The piece of art above them was a present given to Sarah by her father John and Renee


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  1. Rene' Johnson says:

    It was such a pleasure working with Renee. Her work is top notch and we were so impressed with her portfolio that we knew that she could capture our family in a way that we would look and feel natural during the process. All four of our children and our three grandsons were in town and it was an opportunity to get us all together with my Mother and Father-in-law, too. Renee had her hands full with four generations of our family to photograph as well as our restaurant, The Living Room. The resulting images are ones that we will always treasure. Thank you, Renee. Your professionalism and personality made the afternoon special.

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