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I was engulfed in reading Kenzie Shore’s Photography’s blog today ( her article where she talks about in her photography business and the changes she will be making with her style and “getting more personal” and I realized that that is something her and I both have in common with one another. I am noticing that the trend in the photography blogging world entails being more personal.. Letting people into your world personally as well as professionally…and well that is not something that I am used to!  Well things are changing as of right now!

The purpose of my blog is to invite you into my life and world to share with you the RAW me. I cannot promise you that my blogs or my life will be exciting or anything that you might relate to but I hope that you follow me on my journey as you will follow my hopes, dreams, goals and accomplishments professionally as well as personally this coming year.Some changes and exciting things that are going to be taking place  this year are: business branding and marketing, relationships with others professionally and personally, technology, travel and overall style. I think that we ALL yearn for a CHANGE…even though some of us HATE change…! Change isn’t easy because its comfortable. Everyone love’s to be comfortable with with they know. Change means being uncomfortable. Who likes to feel uncomfortable or be out of their comfort zone?  Not me! How about you?

The reason why I choose photography as my career was because when I was younger I was amazed that their was a piece of technology that could capture a memory. A moment in someone’s life. I remember being twelve and thinking “there is really a piece of equipment that can capture me and my friends laughing and having a great time so that when I get older I can show my kids or look back at my life and remember every exciting thing that ever happened?” “WOW thats sooooo COOOL” I thought! My father bought me my first camera. It was a film Canon T-50 with a portrait lens and a long 300 mm lens. I remember he found the ad in the newspaper and took me to the guy’s house that was selling it and bought it for me. He loved looking at my photos that I took. He always knew that my gift was to be a photographer and to give other people the gift of what I saw through my lens of their memories. Whenever I had something exciting to show him or tell him I would be sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen while he moved around and put groceries away or was cooking. I loved how he was so inspirational…

Growing up as a late teenager, I used to work for a photographer by the name of Kathleen Hall Photography ( and would watch all of the families come in together to have their family portrait done in the studio. It really had me thinking often you know….gosh my family has NEVER had a professional family portrait done before! That is such a shame! I was 17 years old at the time that that thought had come into my mind. In 2004, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer which really shook up our world. It was then  at the age of 20 that I said…”WE NEED A FAMILY PORTRAIT”! “I WANT a family portrait!!! NOW!  Check out some of the photos below:



(Photography by: Kathleen Hall Photography. 727.787.9655)

These portraits were taken a week before his chemo and radiation started…literally at the perfect time because a week after this photo shoot he could no longer get out of bed. Three months after these photos, he passed away.

Upon seeing my father pass away, honestly I felt like I died with him. It was the most devastating loss I had ever experienced! It still feels like a dream some days. I feel as though it has only been recent that I am starting to come around again like the old me when he was alive…Everytime I do a photo shoot of a anything (portrait session, family, weddings) it amazes me to see the final images because it is a constant reminder that I am alive and what I have created for my client is truly a gift. I think whenever I do a photo session I subconsciously  think what if this is their last session with their family? What if something happens to them tomorrow?  What would they want their photographs to look like? Im sorry but the truth is is that life is too short! We all get so wrapped up in our lives with our career, material things, and a bunch of other garbage that we forget what and who is important in our lives.

I want to thank all of my family, friends, clients and business professionals who had the privilege so far of  watching me grow or who trusted me to photograph an important part of their lives or someone special in their lives. Whether you know it or not, you are my teachers and are continuing everyday to inspire me on my journey to accomplishing all of my goals that were once mere dreams! Now that lately I have been feeling VERY alive I have already started making exciting changes this week in the business which you will soon see before the new year! Bring it 2010!

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  1. oh wow. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, but so happy to see how he has inspired you to reach full greatness in every shoot so that they can have those memories like you did. 🙂 🙂 you’re a wonderful photographer and I’m so glad to see you growing 🙂 kz

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